Avoiding Sickness at the Gym!

I had an initial list of blog posts I wanted to write when creating this site and this was not one of them however after spending the last 3 days with cold shivers, vomiting, high fever (104.3 at one point) and the partner of vomiting (diarrhea :-(, never thought I’d use that in a blog post) I thought this is an important post for people new to gyms! Now I don’t know exactly what I had, it could have been food poisoning, could have been a bug picked up anywhere but made me think about good habits to have at the gym to avoid getting sick. My training partner picked up a staph infection from our old gym years ago, which is nasty to get!

Consider the gym a disgusting cesspool. Hopefully yours isn’t but it’s safer to consider it that way. I constantly see people use a restroom stall and walk straight out and touch everything. People may not cover up their own cuts. Gyms may not clean equipment often so may have mold. You can avoid most problems though:

  1. Use the gym wipes or disinfectant bottle/cloths. Wipe down before you use equipment and after (to be courteous to the next people). I often put a towel down on equipment
  2. Wear flip flops in the changing room, even when showering
  3. I avoid using the water fountains and prefer to bring water (make sure you clean that bottle frequently) but I will use the dedicated bottle filling stations many gyms have if I run out
  4. Don’t walk around with any open cuts etc. If you do cut yourself clean the wound and cover with a band-aid quickly
  5. Wash your hands before/after training if not showering straight away
  6. It’s really hard to do but try and avoid touching your face during training but if you hit all the other points should be OK!

Just make these habits and you won’t have to think about them or let them interfere with your awesome, germ-free training.